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Sentient/ Spitting at Kondenz Festival 2014 (Belgrade, Serbia)

The everyday act of eating assumes an additional veneer of performativity when it is staged as an eating performance or edible artistic in(ter)vention. This project is a gasto-performance that translates gustatory narratives into food-art, and stages it's serving with small interventions to eating rituals. Performed at a wall of shooting windows (arrowslits or loopholes) at the Belgrade fortress, the project attempts to reframe the act of spitting as an act of blessing rather than one of hostility. The performance questioned to what extent culturally-specific eating rituals which are woven into the everyday, are able to be reshaped when food-consumption is reframed as an opportunity for sensorial and social-aesthetic contemplation. In my project report, I also reflect on how the extended art of eating functions in everyday life and in projects involving food-art (where are and audience become contained within the same body when the work is literally consumed).

Carmen Wong