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Poster Gallery

The Poster Gallery below is a small selection of the 216 posters exhibited in the WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 Poster Exhibition.

All delegates were given the opportunity to take part in the below display, if you were a WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 Poster Exhibition presenter and would like your poster included in this gallery, please contact

Haley Cionfolo, Duke Medical School

A Comparison of Barriers Across Neonatal, Child, and Adult Hearing Screenings

Other authors: Elizabeth Kayzman, Minahil Shahid, Kamaria Kaalund, Ethan Borret, Gillian Sanders Schmidler', Osondu Ogbuoji

Amanda Horzyk, University of Sussex

Sexual Offence Governance in Virtual Reality

Raviya Careem, State University of New York at Oswego

Understanding the structural basis of small molecule inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosS

Other authors: Eaindra Yee, Murphi Williams and Dr. Ambika Bhagi-Damodaran

Maisie Dawn Broughton,

Bournemouth University

Influence of coastal succession on endangered butterfly’s habitat suitability and the abundance of their associated larval food plants

Roselyn Sackitey-Matey,

Ashesi University

Managing Crisis In Small Hotels To Improve Business Continuity

Napat Uraisomsurat, Institute of Field Robotics

The Study of Difficulties in Handling Plastic Waste for Achieving Sustainable Plastic Waste Management

Other authors: Thanaphan Rueangsuk, Khatatip Osirikan, Thayida Thiamthad

Sam Habib, Middlebury College

Dynastic Failure: Al-Mansur’s Responsibility for the Subsequent Collapse of the Caliphate of Cordoba

Trung Dam, University of Warwick

Potential collusion behaviour and distortionary pricing in the US airline industry post-pandemic.

Sandra Berns, Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main

Festival and polis in transition. The actors of the Panathenaia

Hunter Cheng and Dr. Nancy Raitano Lee, Drexel University

Down Syndrome and Mind-Mindedness

Margarita Damai and Bhaven Patel, London Metropolitan University

Design of selective non-toxic pyrrolo [1,2-a]quinoxalines as therapeutic agents for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.

Estefanía Fonseca Bayona, Universidad EAFIT

Design of a Tool for the Identification and Self-Repair of Low-Cost Exomodular Transtibial Prostheses for Amputees in the Colombian Agricultural Sector.

Other authors: Valentina Jaramillo Tobón, Mateo Angel Palacio, Santiago Moná Echavarría, Yuliana Olaya Bedoya

Isabeau Burnett, University of Chicago

Examining Racial, Ethnic, and Sex Differences as Predictors of Cannabis Use Disorder Treatment Retention.

Other authors: Nathaniel L. Baker, Rachel L. Tomko, Aimee L. McRae-Clark, Kevin M., Gray MD & Erin A. McClure

Marzea Akter, Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro

Effect of acute oxytocin administration on social behavior in male and female mice

Other authors: Alex Ketel, Britney Donovan, Jacob Grones, Jade Murray, & Tiffany Rogers

Maria Stylianou, University of Portsmouth

Aquatic Environments, Decomposition and the Forensic Importance of Diptera in Criminal Investigations: Calliphora Vicina

Yancey Williams, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Computational Modeling of Endocytic Vesicle Formation Image

Other authors: Tomasz J. Nawara, Jie Yuan, Tejeshwar C.Rao, Elizabeth Sztul and Alexa L. Mattheyses

Sajda Adam, Drexel University

The Best Tests: Optimizing Detection of Cognitive Decline in People Living with HIV

Other authors: Will Dampier, Shinika Tillman, Kim Malone, Vanessa Pirrone, Michael Nonnemacher, Amy Althoff, Zsofia Szep, Brian Wigdahl, Maria Schultheis, Kathryn N. Devlin

Sifan Dadi, Zayed University

Examining the Influence of Internet Use on Students’ Reading Habit and Academic Achievement in UAE

Gentle Lung, University of Warwick

Read this like a performance - Expanding on Theatrical Audience Engagement and Communication

Hannah Oh, University of Sussex

Supporting Novice Python Programmers' Debugging

Aimilia Kakampoura, University of Sheffield

The effect of physical distance on remote surgical robot operators' moral judgement.

Daniel Jackson, Oxford Brookes University

The Expression of the Antimicrobial Protein RLK-SMP24 in Nicotiana benthamiana and its Localisation to the Plasma Membrane to Prevent Tomato Blight.

Emily Bowen, University of York

Modernising the Past: Impacts of digitisation on the accessibility of historical materials for local communities

Catherine Mazzi, University of Reading

Green chemistry in undergraduate practical classes: How can experiments be adapted to reduce their environmental impact?

Other authors: Jessica Gushart and John McKendrick

Arya Keni and Dr. Chris Giebink, Pennsylvania State University

Simulation and synthesis of geometrical coating complexities in 3 dimensional glass substrates using Physical Vapor Deposition techniques

Yaseen Ginnab and Dr. Frank Bailey, Middle Tennessee State University

Analyzing the Ability of Astragalus tennesseensis to Accumulate Selenium

Ryleigh Tucker and Shelby Rubino, University of Central Oklahoma

Suicide Prevention Among Oklahoma's Student Veterans

Bethan Budgell, University of Portsmouth

Charting the Sea of Translation: A simple framework for synthesising and evaluating theory

Kinga Glasek, University of Leeds

An Analysis of British, European, and American Trade Cards from the Nineteenth Century

Jack Taylor, University of Sussex

The Environmental Lives of Rural Workers: Representations Through the Medium of Painting and Prose, C.18-19th.

Andrew Davison, Newcastle University

Responses to and Impacts of the Bubonic Plague Outbreak in Newcastle upon Tyne, 1636

Daniel Quizon and M.Roldo, University of Portsmouth

Production of Calcium-phosphate Minerals for Bone Regeneration using Pollen grains

Yaw Kwakyi, Ashesi University

The Effects Of Pop Culture In Marketing:Exploring How Japanese Cartoon Styles Can Contribute To The Marketing Efforts Of Ghanaian Businesses