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WorldCUR-BCUR Team

. The University of Warwick students and Institute for Advanced Teaching and Learning (IATL) staff collaborated with AGUR Steering Committee and BCUR Executive to host WorldCUR-BCUR 2023. The student members of the WorldCUR-BCUR Team ensured that student voices were integral and that WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 was not only an event for student researchers, but by student researchers, to celebrate the voices of student research.

WorldCUR-BCUR Student Directors

Iris Brandon, Fernando Conde Nodal & Elvire De Thomasson 

Photo of the three Student Directors at the conference, Iris Brandon, Fernando Conde Nodal & Elvire De Thomasson

Our student director team were integral team members at every stage from planning, logistics, and delivery of WorldCUR-BCUR 2023. Their contributions and insights were invaluable to the success of WorldCUR-BCUR 2023, both shaping and informing at every stage to ensure the event was relevant and beneficial to them and their peers.

IATL Co-creation Officer

Alice Khimasia

Picture of Alice Khimasia, IATL Co-creation Officer

The remit of Alice's broader Co-creation role was to include WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 and they joined the other Student Directors on the WorldCUR-BCUR Team. WorldCUR-BCUR 2023 significantly benefitted from the generous contributions Alice made, particularly regarding the social activities.

Student Volunteer Team

A group photo of a selection of the volunteer team at the conference.

Nisa Afiqah Binti Mohd Fareed, Sara Azeem, William Biziki, Shiva Chelluri, Emily Crellin, Naomi Ejiagbonlamhen, Eli Evren Ross, Milagros Garcia Marroquin, Zhengda Han, Charmaine Ho, Yiran Huang, Anjali Jain, Haram Jang, Yusuf Khalid, Ranudi Kudellage, August Kuenburg, Simran Kumari, Yadira Kundakasseril George, Bhavya Mishra, Enosata Omontuemhen, Karlie Pu, Samathi Rajakaruna Mudiyanselage, Hrishita Rangoonwala, Jifei Ren, Dongye Ren, Daniel Robins, Simrat Sadhu, Rosie Thomas, Sarina Samimi Sereshki, Toyosi Somoye, Francesco Tonon, Ruyi Wang, Yit Wong, Cathy Xia, Yanlin Yu, Hantao Zhang

Information Assistant

Provided general information and assistance to delegates throughout WorldCUR-BCUR 2023, their support and energy enhanced the conference experience for all. Duties included delegate registration, direction guidance, and general conference logistics.

Session Chair

The Spoken/Performance sessions were managed by the Session Chairs. They introduced each presenter and were responsible for the time management of each session, ensuring each presentation was completed within their allotted time schedule. In addition, they facilitated the Q&A portion of the session.

Room Steward

Ensured the smooth running of each Spoken/Performance session. They were responsible for Health & Safety matters within the room and resolved any technical issues. They were also able to communicate with the wider team to handle issues.

Staff Organising Team

Fiona Farnsworth (Journal and Conferences Coordinator, IATL), Caroline Gibson (Deputy Director and Head of Academic Projects and Administration, IATL), Emma Barker (Journal and Conferences Manager, IATL), Gillian Messaoud (Student Research Project Support Officer, IATL), Jane Bryan (Associate Professor - Reader (Teaching Focussed), School of Law), Nikita Asnani (Administrative Support Officer, IATL), and the Alliance for Global Undergraduate Research (AGUR) (Lindsay Currie, Susanne Haberstroh, Maria Iacullo-Bird, Maher Khelifa, Julio Rivera, Paul Taylor, Denise Wood).

A group photo of the WorldCUR-BCUR team t the conference


We would like to thank all the Student Directors, the Volunteer Team, and all other members of staff across the University of Warwick who assisted with WorldCUR-BCUR 2023.

We would also like to thank all the WorldCUR & BCUR delegates who made this an exciting and inspiring event.