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IATL would like to thank Stuart Hampton-Reeves and the BCUR Steering Group for their help with BCUR 2012. We would also like to thank the following people:


Camera operators

Charlie Cosham
Fraser McMillan
The Student Volunteers


Andy Smith
Cláudia Vilhena
Guillermo Burgos Barragan
Rachel Oates
The Student Volunteers (especially Ganna-Maria Ivegash and Josh Williams)

The Student Volunteers

Emma Jacobs (lead volunteer)
Jure Jeric (lead volunteer)
Bethany White
Dominic Lew
Gah-Kai Leung
Ganna-Maria Ivegash
Hayley Clissold
Ingrid Lange
James Manwaring
Josh Williams
Joshua Scarlett
Karen Lui
Laura Glenny
Laura Johnson
Lynn Asante-Asare
Mathilde Tybring
Naomi Falkenburg
Parama Chakravorty
Phong Nguyen
Stuart Elliott
Tom Jin
Xu Zimu
Zhao Yiyang

Video editors

Amar Dhokia
Cheuk Hei 'Michael' Ng