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Compass is an undergraduate research network program that brings students together to get feedback on their individual research or to develop individual research projects. Whether you are thinking about research for the first time or you've completed a project and want to work on a presentation or a poster for ICUR, or you want to turn your research into an article for a journal such as Reinvention, Compass offers a safe and supportive environment for you to workshop your research. Each group is made up of no more than five undergraduate students from a range of disciplines (the mentees), and is facilitated by a student who has previously been involved in research, URSS, ICUR or Reinvention (the mentor). Groups meet regularly either in person or over Skype. If you are interested in joining a local Warwick-based Compass group, please read more about the programme and fill in our online form here.

If you are an experienced researcher and are interested in joining International Compass as a mentee or a mentor, please fill out and submit the form here at