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ICUR 2024 keynote

Global travellers past and present

Professor Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a Professor of Classics and Ancient History and the Pro-Vice-Chancellor International at the University of Warwick (UK).

Having received his training at Cambridge University (UK), he now teaches and conducts research globally, focusing on ancient history and archaeology in the Mediterranean and utilising inter-disciplinary approaches and methods to investigate the ancient world through literary, epigraphic and material evidence.

Prof Michael Scott is particularly passionate about making the ancient world, and academic research more generally, widely accessible. He is dedicated to bringing his work to interdisciplinary and international audiences through a broad range of outreach activities. For instance, he has authored books published widely in both academia and trade presses and translated into multiple languages, such as his latest book, X Marks the Spot: An Adventurous History of Archaeology; he makes regular media contributions, writing articles for national and international newspapers and appearing on the radio; he has presented television documentary series for the BBC, ITV, National Geographic and the History Channel; and he regularly works with and speaks at local schools.

The global impact of his research and engagement has led him to receive multiple prestigious awards, recognising his teaching and contributions to the wider community, including a National Teaching Fellowship and Royal Historical Society Fellowship.

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The keynote:

Global travellers past and present

In his keynote address, Professor Michael Scott will be drawing on his experience and expertise in facilitating interdisciplinary and international research collaboration and rendering academic research widely accessible. The keynote will focus on Ancient Greece and Rome as a global currency in today’s world, and discuss the

Marco Polo International Programme

which brings together students from ICUR’s partner institutions to study the worlds and cultures through which Marco Polo travelled, through interdisciplinary and innovative methods, and to present their research at ICUR.

How to join the keynote

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When and where:

  • Thursday 27th June 2024
  • 9.45am - 10.30am (BST)
  • Oculus OC1:01 or online