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ICUR 2021 Abstract Writing Team Space

IATL will be curating a Microsoft Team to support potential ICUR presenters through the abstract writing process, including sharing resources, hosting training sessions and running 'bootcamp' abstract writing sessions throughout May. To join this Team and recieve updates on all relevant events, please complete the Team Registration Form.

Please be aware that this team will be open to students from all participating ICUR institutions internationally. You will need to sign up with your university email address to confirm eligability to join the Team.

Upcoming Events

Please register for our Teams space to attend any of these upcoming events.

What is ICUR?

Saturday 8th May, 3pm UK/ 4pm Europe

Our ICUR Student Directors will tell you more about ICUR and the benefits of participating, as well as answering any of your initial questions in this informal session via Teams.

How to Write an Abstract

Monday 17th May, 1pm UK/2pm Europe

This 1 ½ hour session will provide you with all the training you need to submit an abstract to ICUR that fully encapsulates your research for our international and interdisciplinary audience, and sets you on the right track for adding this great presentation opportunity to your CV. 

Abstract Writing Bootcamps

Bootcamp 1: Friday 21st May, 10am-2pm UK/ 11am-3pm Europe

Bootcamp 2: Monday 24th May, 10am-2pm UK/ 11am-3pm Europe

Bootcamp 3: Thursday 27th May, 10am-2pm UK/ 11am-3pm Europe

These dedicated sessions are all about working on your abstract in time for the submission deadline on 2nd June. Join the Teams space to connect with other students who have committed to working on their ICUR abstracts at these times, and where ICUR staff will be on hand to answer questions, consult on your work or have 1-2-1 chats to help you complete your abstract by the deadline.