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ICUR 2020 Sessions and Presenters

The schedule of spoken presentations for ICUR 2020 at Warwick.

Download the schedule to see the full list of sessions, starting with the conference’s opening at Monash in Australia on Tuesday 29th through to its closing at Warwick in the UK on Wednesday 30th. Local times are listed next to the UTC time for each session or event, and panels highlighted in a darker blue shade denote those panels that include presentations from Warwick students.

Please note these schedules are for your reference only, full details and access to the conference can be found via the ICUR App.

Warwick Presenters: Spoken Presentations

Applied Linguistics

James Haigh: Session 5A

Computer Science

Ion Orins: Session 7F


Daniel Ball: Session 10A

Will Carroll: Session 21F

Gustaf Dillner: Session 23A

Faisal Johar: Session 8C

Benjamin Lahai-Taylor: Session 9B

Jemmima Lim: Session 11A

Arjun Mohan: Session 8A

Siu Fung Ng: Session 6E

Sean Sanyal: Session 6F

Ioana Stanciu: Session 5A


Winosa Igiehon: Session 6E

English and Comparative Literature

Emily Craven: Session 25B

Chloe Getaz: Session 25B

Lauren Nicholson: Session 21E

Charlotte Spear: Session 22E

Helia Canaj: Session 11B

English and Theatre Studies

Madeleine Jessop: Session 12A

Global Sustainable Development

Ellie Church: Session 23C

Jonathan Karl: Session 9B

Aigerim Kossymova: Session 11B

Agnes Lidbrink Ekman: Session 8B

Lucy Page: Session 12C

Alice Vodden: Session 6H


Millie Jacoby: Session 22B


Will Barber Taylor: Session 22E

Sanmitra Sarkar: Session 5F


Evgenia Chamilou: Session 12C

Joe Hing: Session 7B

Chayne Hogan: Session 12B

Zsombor Koppany: Session 22E

Marina Pinedo: Session 21E

Liberal Arts

Virág Bélavári: Session 21A

Hannah Davenport: Session 12B

Thea Graham-Cooper: Session 25A

Celine Nithila-George: Session 12A

Life Sciences

Catherine Brown: Session 11C

Life Sciences: Biomedical Sciences

Cicely Day: Session 7B

Charlotte Jones: Session 10B

Salim Zerroukat: Session 21F


Mathilde Leuridan: Session 23B

Yi Ting Loo: Session 6H

Statistics: MORSE

Aryan Gupta: Session 23B

Valeriia Nadmitova: Session 23B

Adriana Lapez-Gonzalez: Session 23B


Matteo Fabbri: Session 6E

Toby Tremlett: Session 12A


Godgift Emesi: Session 5E

Lars Martinez Ridley: Session 9C

Ben Newey: Session 9C

Mihaly Samu Fazekas: Session 10C

Yixuan Shen: Session 24A

Laura-Andreea Streanga: Session 12B

Lucas Yordi: Session 24A


Marion Dugue: Session 11C

Sanjif Shanmugavelu: Session 8A

Sean Thrasher: Session 9A

Richelle Xavier: Session 9A

Politics and International Studies

Berenice Areso: Session 22B

Karina Matjuhhina: Session 10C


Nur Asifa Rapaiee: Session 11A


Krisztina Rakai: Session 21A


Yanrong Hong: Session 23C

Jochem Hummel: Session 23A

Martin Knaze: Session 23A

Yogen Mudgal: Session 25B

Daphne Rocke: Session 10B

Warwick Medical School

Kelfick Ayenge: Session 5F

Oliver Burton: Session 24B

Allan Cameron: Session 25A

Thomas Dale MacLaine: Session 8B

Georgia Gray: Session 8B

Jasmine Momoh: Session 22F

Joseph Phillips: Session 7H

Benjamin Tang: Session 22F and 24B

Emily Wade: Session 25A

Rhiannon White: Session 24C

Emma Patterson: Session 7H

Warwick Presenters: Poster Presentations

Applied Linguistics

Karolina Janus


Claire Coulthard

Callum Crockford

Ronald Cvek


Eugenie Desmedt

Tom Dowson

Arushi Nautiyal

Education: Centre for Education Studies

Wiki Jeglinska

English and Comparative Literary Studies

Ashmita Bhattacharya

Erin Hutton

History and Politics

Luke Cooley

Film and Television Studies

Sam Atkinson

Life Sciences

Orien Daly

Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Kai Foerster

Lorant Kiss

Politics and International Studies

Julie Bernard

Isha Mandke


Andrea Garcia Llorens

Lucky Haytov

Oliver Milner

Statistics: MORSE

Gellert Perenyi

Warwick Business School

Cheuk Lam Tiffany Wong

Warwick Medical School

Hannah Blades

Joanna Gao

Dale Harding

Adrian McGrath

Mohammed Sahir