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Spoken Sessions 4a-4c

Session A

(At Monash only)

TH2-prone FVB mice show smaller infarct growth and inflammation than Th1-prone C57BL.6 mice early after ischemic stroke
Shenpeng Zhang, Biomedical Science, Clayton, Monash University

A role for micro-homology mediated end joining in intron loss in Arabidopsis thaliana
Edward Tasker, Science, Clayton, Monash University

Plasmodium falciparum and human malaria
Caitlin Conway, Science, Clayton, Monash University

Session B

(At Monash and Warwick)


Love, marriage, and the Indian diaspora
[Related Reinvention Journal article:"Arranged Love: Conceptualising Marriage on"]
Nonie Tuxen, International Studies and Women’s Studies, Clayton, Monash University


Solving the Two-Body Quantum System with Elliptic Pair Potential
Rahul Chacko, Maths and Physics, University of Warwick


Multi-stakeholder diplomacy and the diplomatic toolkit
Christian Habla, Arts, Clayton, Monash University

Session C

(At Monash only)

Role of Political Elites on building institutions and democracy in divided societies: Case Study of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jure Jeric, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, University of Warwick

An insight into money laundering in Southeast Asia
Ioan Nascu, Law, Clayton, Monash University