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We are thrilled to see this event take place. We believe this conference will offer presenters a special
chance to display original early-career research, and contribute to an exciting element of academia.
Our presenters have joined the conference from a variety of fields, but are all peers, creating an
informal and supportive environment in which they can showcase their research and interests. This
common ground encourages a collaborative approach: we hope the evening will help participants
develop personal and professional friendships that carry into their futures, whether academic or in
other fields.

As our researchers present their ideas, they will practise a great number of transferable skills: from
public speaking and constructive criticism to managing time constraints and synthesising their ideas
in a variety of formats. These skills are highly desirable, and we are certain our presenters will value
them in their future successes. For those continuing to postgraduate studies, the benefits of this
event are even more compelling.

ICUR offers a very early chance to present original research to an academic audience, attract the
attention of supervisors, and gain experience in an area fundamental to any academic career.
Undergraduate research conferences are a growing area of interest in the United Kingdom, and have
begun making inroads in Australia only in the last year. This forum will differ from its predecessors,
as students from the University of Warwick and Monash University—including those participating
from its international campuses in Malaysia and South Africa— present simultaneously in a singularly
exceptional group.

Competitive travel stipends, awarded for high achievers from both Monash and Warwick to present
their research tonight in England and Australia respectively, will help students to build connections
with peers and educators overseas. This relationship, already demonstrated by joint-run teaching and
research, can only be strengthened by increased student interaction between the campuses.

Professor Andrew Coats
Joint Academic Vice-President & Director of the Alliance