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BCUR 2014 Special Issue

Published 5 November 2014


The Journey to becoming a ResearcherJohn Watkins, University of Warwick


Axioms of Morality and Ethics in Negative UtilitarianismChristopher Alexander, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Effects of a Motivational Video on Self-efficacy and Muscular EnduranceKayode Damali, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, Manchester Metropolitan University

Medieval Materiality: the Multisensory Performance in Late-Medieval ManuscriptsEmma Hardiman, Department of Art History, University of Nottingham

An Investigation into the Excess Co-movement of Fine Wine and Commodity PricesHoe Seung Kwon, Department of Economics, University of Warwick

Evaluating the Style of Continental Deformation in Eastern Turkey using InSAR and GPSRyan Lloyd, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Fair or Fowl?: Golding's Translation of Ovidian Bird Lore into Moral ExemplaLouisa Ostacchini, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick

The Investigation of Interaction between Heart and Respiration Dynamics for Various Respiration FrequenciesSean Perry, School of Engineering, University of Warwick

Investigating the Relative Importance of Parentage versus Environmental Factors on Heterochrony in Basommatophoran Freshwater Snail Radix balthicaMyriam Vanderzwalmen, Faculty of Science and Environment, University of Plymouth