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Volume 2, Issue 1

Published 30 April 2009

Editorial: The Importance of Great ExpectationsCath Lambert & David Metcalfe, University of Warwick

Breaking Barriers in Clinical Communication: Are Securely Attached Doctors More Empathetic Doctors?Kirsten Atherton, Anna Chisholm, Lucie Rutter & Sarah Peters, University of Manchester and Ian Fletcher, University of Liverpool [collaborative student-staff paper]

Photonic Dipole Contours of Ferrofluid Hele-Shaw Cell Michael Snyder & Jonathan Frederick, Murray State University

Gender Roles and Sexual Politics in Hollywood Action Movie Cycles of the 1980s and 1990s Joseph Oldham, University of Warwick

μCell - Interdisciplinary Research in Modelling and Simulation of Cell Spatial Behaviour Dominic Orchard, Jonathan Gover, Lee Lewis Herrington, James Lohr, Duncan Stead, Cathy Young & Sara Kalvala, University of Warwick [collaborative student-staff paper]

Struggling to Take Root: The Work of the Electro-Culture Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Between 1918 and 1936 and its Fight for Acceptance David Kinahan, University College, London

Dissolution Kinetics of Scolecite in Alkaline EnvironmentsLingchen Mao, University of Nottingham