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Volume 4, Issue 2

Published 27 October 2011


Adaptability and Creativity Link opens in a new windowNaomi Falkenburg, University of Warwick


Kisses under the Starlight: The Performance of Masculinities and Emo on MySpace Link opens in a new windowDiane Brown, Jasie Ubels, Nadine de Souza, Amy Shields Dobson and Francesca Collins, Monash University

Understandings of testicular cancer in young adult males: A Q-methodological studyLink opens in a new window Ian Garner, Teesside University

Exploring patients' perceptions of living with psoriasis in a London general practiceLink opens in a new window Nooriya Uddin and Mary Howman, University College London

Expression and potential function of prion protein in the vasculatureLink opens in a new window Christopher J. Bush, Michigan State University; Theodora Szasz, Medical College of Georgia; Kyle B. Johnson, Michigan State University; Nathan R. Tykocki, Michigan State University; Witold K. Surewicz, Case Western Reserve University; Ralph E. Watson, Michigan State University; Stephanie W. Watts, Michigan State University

Start-ups, Small Firms and the Industry: An Empirical Investigation of the Determinants of Small New Firm SurvivalLink opens in a new window Viktorie Sevcenko, University of Warwick

Book Review:

Maya Jasanoff (2011), Liberty's Exiles: the Loss of America and the remaking of the British Empire Link opens in a new windowDr Glen O’Hara, Oxford Brookes University and Daniel Parr, Monash University