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Copy of Quotes

Quote 1

The feedback was brilliant, it was far more detailed than I had experienced with assessed/ class work and I had not predicted such a detailed response. To date it has been the single most helpful process with regards to my writing skills

Quote 10

My lecturer, from whose module the original research for my Reinvention article was born, has included the link as well as an earlier manuscript in the module handbook given to subsequent years taking his module.

Quote 11

I have made a few professional contacts from working on drafts of the paper I submitted. Overall, I really appreciate the boost to my CV that a publication has given. I now feel more confident to get further work published, pending the completion of my MA.

Quote 12

Recently I co-authored a paper on student engagement for the QAA. The experience of having published with Reinvention prepared me well for having to go through the process of review once again and I felt quite self-assured about the whole process of publication, an air of confidence that I now have thanks to my experience of publishing with Reinvention.

Quote 13

Encouraging submissions to the journal has put me in closer contact with the rest of the student body, especially outside of my year and course.

Quote 14

My experience as a Reinvention author has certainly been one which I would hope many others would have the opportunity to benefit from. It has made me more eager than ever to publish my research elsewhere and will undoubtedly assist me when I come round to applying for postgraduate courses next year.

Quote 15

I am now in California doing a research internship for the summer, before heading back to Cambridge to complete my PhD. Thanks to Reinvention for helping me along in my academic career at such an early stage.

Quote 16

I found that having my undergraduate work published in the Reinvention journal was a really positive experience. Having my writing reviewed, having the opportunity to take the comments on board and reassess my work, and then finally seeing the article accessible to the public was immensely satisfying.

Quote 17

I have been accepted onto 3 Masters courses and I am sure that having a piece of published work aided my application immensely.

Quote 18

Having my work published in the Reinvention journal was the capstone to my research efforts during my senior year of my undergraduate education…Thank you again for this opportunity!

Quote 19

Writing a paper for the Reinvention journal was an invaluable experience. Reinvention provided an opportunity to experience academic life in ways not provided for by my undergraduate studies; in writing, research, learning, inter-disciplinary work, and the journal review process.

Quote 20

Learning to adopt responsibilities typically reserved for staff members such as peer review and coordinating the academic publishing process, moving between student and staff roles, has to be the ultimate collaborative experience!

Quote 21

[Reinvention] has been an ideal arena in which to be introduced to the rigours of academic publishing: understanding and adapting to what is required to achieve a publishable standard, whilst being supported by the editorial staff throughout the process.

Quote 22

Since getting the paper published I have gained a job as a research assistant and I think having my paper published in Reinvention counted greatly towards getting the job…the experience of being published in Reinvention has been immensely useful in this job.

Quote 23

…the experience of the peer-review has highlighted many points from which I can learn and it will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on my future research and writing in that respect.

Quote 24

I have continued my academic career and am now preparing to begin a PhD, and I feel that having my article published by Reinvention was fantastic in boosting my confidence in my work and encouraging me to pursue this career path.

Quote 24

I have since started medical school at Harvard University and will no doubt use this research project and publishing opportunity to help carve out a specific interest in my medical pursuits.

Quote 25

...working independently and responding to the intense peer review process has enhanced my academic ability and improved my experience as a student – a skill which has helped to secure an offer for a postgraduate course.

Quote 26

To my knowledge, my paper has been used for teaching purposes in the second year sociology module 'Field Studies' at the University of Warwick and has been cited by students undertaking that module.

Quote 27

I liked the free access available for the work online…Many undergraduate pieces of work are of excellent quality but as soon as they have been marked they do not get seen by anyone else, that is a great shame…To let [this work] just sink out of the consciousness of the author and the wider public seems a great waste.

Quote 28

I really enjoyed the experience this brought [receiving criticism and feedback] especially as I recognised that those who reviewed my work were clearly experts in this field and they appreciated my work.

Quote 29

This was a great feeling [when my paper was accepted for publication]. To know that not only you and your lecturer thought that it was a worthwhile piece but also peer-reviewers and the editors in general. I saw this as my first step on my way to becoming a bona fide academic in the future.

Quote 3

It was nice to know that the undergraduate students at Warwick were using my article in the masculinities module in the week where they learn about gender and work.

Quote 30

I really enjoyed the experience [of working as part of the Editorial Team] and thankfully it helped me secure an internship with Earthscan, a publisher of sustainability and climate change books.

Quote 31

I am more confident now than I was before that I have the skills to develop very quickly and get rewarded widely as a researcher. I always wanted to become a university lecturer, but after my experience with Reinvention I am more confident that I have the tools by which to really succeed in this career.

Quote 32

I think Reinvention has huge potential of changing people’s understanding of academic research and of undergraduate study itself and the potential of students and themselves.

Quote 4

I believe the fact I have a piece of work published impressed my previous employer, and indeed after I got the job they admitted that it was one of the reasons why they were impressed with me.

Quote 5

Publishing the article allowed me to at once get the substance of my research findings out to a wider audience, as well as to elaborate on a number of points that my dissertation's word count did not allow me to flesh out. Hence, I was able to write a quite new, and original article, while at the same time using the research and literature review of my undergraduate dissertation.

Quote 6

Being able to discuss articles and the peer review process with my academic supervisor has provided me with the opportunity to interact with the professors of my department on a more personal level, outside of tutorials, lectures and seminars, I think that working on the journal has helped me to feel more relaxed during tutorials.

Quote 7

Having my dissertation paper published in the Journal meant the world to me. The feedback that I received from the peer reviewers was invaluable and helped me a lot. 

Quote 8

I am currently half way through my PhD and have published two more papers. Undoubtedly my experiences with Reinvention encouraged me to continue academic research and put me ahead of my peers in experience.

Quote 9

With the experience of writing for Reinvention, my interest in the field of research has grown and I have subsequently applied – and been accepted – to present at a conference later this year.