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Forms of Identity


On this module, students complete two assignments (an Interdisciplinary ‘Critical Response’ and a Student-Devised Assessment) that are specifically designed to encourage an exploration of students’ own interests on the broad theme of ‘Identity’; a critical interdisciplinary engagement with topics of their choosing; reflections on their learning journey traversing, problematising and examining disciplinary boundaries and how these impact our understanding of the complex, versatile and fluid Forms of Identity.

The Interdisciplinary Critical Response assignment is the first assignment that encourages interdisciplinary literacy by allowing students to choose a prompt of their choice (an object, a painting, a TV show, a song, a childhood memory, etc) that inspires their thinking on the theme of Identity. It can be in written, audio or video format.

For the final Student-Devised Assessment, students will select their own research question/hypothesis/point of inquiry to explore on the theme of Identity in a medium of their choice. (See ‘Demystifying the Student Devised Assessment’). It is a deliberately flexible, radically student-led project and all students receive plenty of tailored support from the Module Convenor to develop their project (including undergoing a Peer Review). Assessment criteria are similar to that of the Interdisciplinary Critical Response.

Creating and Clinging to ourselves: Identity at the Intersection of Science and Spirituality

by Robbie Dodd


Home Maker

by Lils Dobber


What is a Woman?

by Jennifer Cotterill