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Global Connections


On this module, students complete two assignments (an ePortfolio and a Student-Devised Assessment) that are specifically designed encourage an exploration of students’ own interests on globally-oriented themes; a critical engagement with complex, transdisciplinary global problems; a critical reflection on their learning journey through the module and towards an academically rigorous research project (the SDA) as the final output.

Students are asked to keep an ePortfolio (reflective journal) throughout the module – thus culminating in 10 weeks’ worth of entries – 2 of which students select for their final assignment submission. Assessment criteria reflect core Interdisciplinary skills including: demonstration of subject knowledge; critical analysis; reflection and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary thinking.

This module is an official learning unit of the European University Alliance, EUTOPIA. As such, students engage in a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project with students from across Europe, and reflect on this experience as a part of their ePortfolio assignment. See examples of Student-Devised projects produced by COIL groups on the theme of ‘Migration’. Scroll down to find out more about the EUTOPIA Student-Devised Projects created by students on this module and international partners.

For the final Student-Devised Assessment, students will select their own research question/hypothesis/point of inquiry to explore in a medium of their choice. (See ‘Demystifying the Student Devised Assessment’). It is a deliberately flexible, radically student-led project and all students receive plenty of tailored support from the Module Convenor to develop their project (including undergoing a Peer Review). Assessment criteria are similar to that of the ePortfolio.

As a transdisciplinary module, students are encouraged and supported to critically approach and apply a diverse range of sources, perspectives on knowledge, and explore transversing academic, personal and professional boundaries to reach conclusions on points of inquiry. All are encouraged to challenge academic conventions seen in traditional research culture(s) to achieve a transdisciplinary research output by the end of the module.

Press Play: A Global Connections podcast 

by Alyssa Gibbons


Am I a Global Citizen?

by Anjali Patel


Swapping One Island For Another

by Chelsea Tang-Chow


Different Voices - Different Worlds

by David Silver


Our Global Kitchen

by Josephina Abuah


What is Globalisation?

by Michael Adcock


Blog E-Portfolio

by Naomi Olteanu


Us Versus Them

by Olamide Ajisafe


Time to Dance

by Yanni Zhou


Through Global Eyes

by Kleopatra Efstathiou


Eutopia Projects

Students on Global Connections (IL014/IL114)have the opportunity during class time to connect with students from Universities across Europe to produce a small Student-Devised Project with their peers across borders. The globally-oriented and transdisciplinary theme is ‘Migration’, and Warwick students can use this COIL project as a pre-assessment activity to acquaint themselves with the expectations of the final assessment component on the module: the Student-Devised Assessment (SDA).

Therefore, this EUTOPIA collaboration serves not only to connect students with different disciplinary backgrounds, cultural perspectives, and experiences (and therefore enhancing intercultural communication and awareness), it also aids in tackling the ‘fear of the unknown’ that can be experienced when facing an interdisciplinary assessment programme.

Participants receive an international certificate issued by EUTOPIA, and can earn points towards the Warwick Award.

For more information on this initiative click HERE.