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Navigating Psychopathology


This space is for showcasing posters that summarise the research and development of student's essays for the module. In their essays for this module, all students demonstrate their abilities to: 

  • identify a question, debate, or issue they can make a contribution to, 
  • do the necessary research (often in an area outside their degree-discipline), and 
  • develop a systematic response to their chosen question or debate. 
These are incredibly useful skills not just for future employers, but for intellectual engagement more generally. 
The module aims to enable students to understand and engage with concepts and debates from a variety of disciplines relevant to mental health, disorder, and treatment. Students are also encouraged to critically reflect on the evolution of their own ideas, beliefs, and values, and arrive at a well-informed and carefully thought out view of their own.

Should We Change the Insanity Defence?

by Charlotte Green


A Comparative Evaluation of Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy

by Pav Kaszuba


Exploring the DSM-based System of Diagnosing Mental Disorders

by Jade Oh


Reflective Journal

by Holly Pumphrey


What Constitutes a Mental Disorder and Who Gets to Decide?

by Simi Adegbile