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Games Expo 2022

The UK Games Expo (UKGE) is the largest Hobby Games Convention in the UK with 25704 unique visitors over the three days, and 425 exhibitors, of which Warwick was one. This year we were joined on the stand by 6 students, 5 of which had their manufactured prototypes that they were able to demonstrate to the general public. The five games were:

  • Gillian's Jumla Jameela, a board game designed to teach Arabic
  • Joel's Prove It!, a card game designed to prove lemma, proposition, theorem and corollary
  • Alex's Attack of the Binomoids, a card game designed to teach binomial distribution
  • Keegan's Corporate Network, a card game designed to teach aspects of cyber security
  • James' The Turing Test, a card game designed to teach aspects of the Turing test

It would be fair to say that our students were excellent, oftentimes running the stand singlehandedly whilst Devon and I were out exploring the show.

According the students the experience was "Amazing", "Fun but exhausting", and "scary at first, but after a while I just got into it"

For us this was an opportunity to share student stories and success to the wider public and to showcase some of the innovative serious games that our students had created.

Next years' planning has already begun.....

next year

Honourable Mentions

Poke-Down: A game of mental maths

Support and Sabotage: Political intrigue

Fantasy Maths Battles: Mathematical Proofs

Free Complement: Graph Theory

Matrix Match-Up: A Game about Payoff Matrices

Settle Up: Practice propositional logic

Logic Linecooks: Cookery themed logic sentence constructor

Secrets of the Faba: Roleplaying maths adventure

Project Development: Project Management

The Complexity Conjecture Efficiency of algorithms

Mines, Metrics and Missiles: Visualisation in Maths

Complexity: Complex numbers KS3/4

Paradigm Shift: Scientific progression

Language limits: Linguistic relativity

Geometry Brainstorm: Maths for seniors