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Week 8

Reflective Questions:

  1. Marjane Satrapi introduces Persepolis, she begins “this old and great civilization has been discussed mostly in connection with fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terrorism. As an Iranian who has lived more than half of my life in Iran, I know that this image is far from the truth.” How does Satrapi go about challenging this myth? How does Persepolis dispel or confirm stereotypical views of Iran?
  2. “Every situation offered an opportunity for laughs” (Satrapi 97). Explore the creative forms of resistance Marjane Satrapi uses to challenge the oppression she experiences.
  3. Explore Satrapi's representation of the chador.
  4. Do you think life narratives circulate as exotic commodities with an economic exchange value, or do they carry in their economy of exchange emotional value and aesthetic value, that shape how we think about others, and ourselves, and how we understand what it means to be human?