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Developer's forum What's in the file share?

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  1. I've uploaded the revised module proposal and interim report. Also there is a folder with electronic resources (books) from the library.

  2. There is also a separate folder with some demo videos. Not all, as they take quite a lot of space. Those are unedited (as filmed) at the moment. Comments welcome.

  3. I will add Session Sheets to help with syllabus / delivery planning. Please edit these with new ideas.

  4. Session sheets are now uploaded. Please edit your sessions and maintain some simple version control (e.g. append v3, v6 etc. on filename). Physics convenors are:

    1  "everyone"

    2  Gavin

    3  Paul

    4   Michael

    5   Sue

    6   Rudo

    7   Rachel

    8   Gavin

    9   TBD (student choice)

    10  project talks - "everyone"

  5. We have a logo...


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