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Team Workshop


Physics Day planning meeting with Nick Roberts [NR], Roger Coull [RC] and Rudo Roemer [RR].

[1] Nick and Roger need ITS accounts to access our joint web space. RAR to apply [applied 16/03/2015]

[2] We are hoping to hold the PhysicsDay in May 2015. Since we likely need a room with proper sound proofing during the exam period, we are hoping to hold the event in the (i) Helen Martin studio or (ii) the Arts Centre conference room.

[3] Possible dates are (i) Thursday, 7 May in the Helen Martin Studio, (ii) Wednesday, 6 May in the Helen Martin Studio and (iii) Thursday, 14 May in the Arts Centre conference room.

[4] possible speakers/topics are

  • psychology of music, how to quartets play together, democratic/autocratic [NR to contact speaker]
  • vibrations of a violin string [RC to contact speaker]
  • violin making [NR to contact speaker]
  • the mathematics of compositions, fractals in Bach, mathematical structures in “12 Tonmusik” [RC+NR to find a speaker]
  • sonification, turning pictures into sound [RR to ask Gavin Bell and/or his students]
  • sonic artist, bicycle and string music [NR to contact speaker]
  • Keith Bowen, wind instrument maker and engineer [RC top contact speaker]
  • the teaching of “science and music” [RR to ask Gavin Bell for his open university contact as possible speaker]

[5] We should be prepared to pay free-lance people a honorarium (150GBP?)


A first planning meeting is being set-up between Roger Coull, Nick Roberts and myself. Tahera Nureen has been selected as our secretarial support. At the moment, we are planning for a Physics Day in May 2015.