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Climate-related activities at Warwick

Warwick University Administration

The University's Environmental Sustainability Team is in charge of Energy and Sustainability across the whole campus.

The Warwick Sustainability Summit on Friday October 13th is open to everyone.

Student Union

Climate Reality (undergraduate society)

Green party (undergraduate society)

Warwick Sustainable Development Society (undergraduate society)

Academic Degrees and Modules

Global Sustainable Development- (GSD) joint honours undergraduate degrees with any of nine departments, and single honours undergraduate degree starting in October 2018

GSD modules available to undergraduates on other degrees

IL006 Challenges of Climate Change - interdisciplinary module open to all undergraduates from second year on


What to do in the face of the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement? Joan MacNaughton CB (Chair of the Climate Group and Energy Academy Europe ) - 10:00am-12:00 Friday December 8th, Lecture Room to be confimed. This is the concluding lecture in the module IL006 Challenges of Climate Change, but is open to everyone.

Dr Benny Peiser (Global Warming Policy Foundation) February Monday 19th, 2018, 10:00 am. Provisional Title: Climate Realism: A lukewarm approach to global warming. Room OC0.02 (Oculus Building).