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University of Copenhagen

IATL's Collaboration with the University of Copenhagen

IATL has been delivering its popular Understanding Wellbeing Theory and PracticeLink opens in a new window in-classroom module developed by Dr Elena Riva to students at Warwick for several years. However, the module, which aims to increase wellbeing literacy, can only reach a relatively small group of students each year. Due to the growing importance of supporting student wellbeing, Dr Elena Riva wanted to increase the module's reach across the university. An online version was therefore co-created with students, staff and IT experts. Since the online Understanding WellbeingLink opens in a new window module launched in Spring 2022, over 3000 students have actively engaged with the module. The co-creative approach it was taken for delivering this online module has been featured in THELink opens in a new window (Riva and Jeglinska, 2022).

Given the success of this approach to institutionally embedding wellbeing literacy, Dr Elena Riva has been collaborating with the University of Copenhagen to support them in launching the module in the Danish context in the academic year 2022/2023 (Koushede & Rasmussen, 2020Link opens in a new window; funding bodies: University of Copenhagen, £12,000 – Warwick International Partnership Fund, £3,030).

In November 2022, Danish colleagues Line Nielsen, Charlotte Bjerre Meilstrup and Malene Kubstrup Nelausen (pictured with Dr Elena Riva and Dr Lorenzo Serini) visited IATL to observe and contribute to the in-classroom module 'Understanding Wellbeing Theory and Practice', which will also be replicated at the University of Copenhagen and to discuss the project evaluation and next steps.

In addition to the collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, the Understanding Wellbeing online module has also recently been adopted by the University of Glasgow (Faculty of Arts) and Arden University.