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Session 9A-9E

9A Joint University of Western Australia and Singapore Management University

9B Joint University of Warwick and Nanyang Technological University

9C Public Health and Medical Implications

9D Conceptual Interpretations

9E Country Cases

Health Applications in Psychiatric Care: Empowering Patients and Promoting Collaborative practice.  

Electrochemistry of MoS2 materials and their Activation for Electrochemical Applications.

Exploration of the role of endocannabinoids in regulation of synaptic transmission and plasticity in the neocortex.  

"The Phenomenon of Power: An expansion of Foucault's notion of Power."


Turkey’s Road To EU Accession: Formality, Framing, and Entrapment.

Lillian Seow, University of Western Australia Xinyi Chia, Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Nanyang Technological University Dale Claridge, Biochemistry, Faculty of Science Iraklis Gkritsis, Philosophy, Faculty of Social Sciences Jonathan Scott, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences

Just War Theory and how it could be adapted to the modern context.


Revealing the secrets and potential of marine bacteria in the Earth's oceans.

No negligence or no negligence actions? Barriers to medical negligence litigation in the Maldives.  

"A Re-conceptualisation of Corporate Veil-piercing in the Context of Proceedings for Financial Relief."

A Right to Belong: An Investigation into Forced Migration Law and the Impact of Displacement, with a particular focus on the Karen Tribes and Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.
Toh Junhan, Social Science, Singapore Management University Heather Barnes, Biochemistry, Faculty of Science Mansha Abdullah Salih, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences Ryan Ferro, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences Kate Elliott, Law, Faculty of Social Sciences

The Global Sex Trafficking Crisis: How Honest is the Film Industry?

Eddy Current Testing of Aerospace Components.

Neisseria gonorrhoeae from disease to treatment, and the growing threat of antibiotic resistance.

What we can learn about how imperialists, experienced- and tried to understand- their imperialism in the face of resistance.

Anna Canlan-Shaw, Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts
Lee Staples, Physics, Faculty of Science Catherine Rawes, Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Science Sam Excell, History, Faculty of Arts