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Skills Sessions


How to get published in Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research

- Led by Jure Jeric, Georgia O’Connor and Justine Vincin, Reinvention Editorial Team

This session, led by three members of the Reinvention editorial team, will offer students the opportunity to learn about getting published in an international peer-reviewed publication. The editors will run through tips and tricks to getting published – from avoiding common errors made by potential authors to knowing what makes a good paper.

Networking at Conferences: A How-To Guide

- Led by Carolyn Värk, Monash Careers and Employment

Learn how to enhance your conference experience through effectively networking with employers and other delegates. This networking seminar will focus on developing an elevator pitch, asking informative questions and learning how to approach employers professionally.

Carolyn Värk has a diverse background in education including careers consulting and teaching, in addition to experience in human resources. She is currently working within Employment and Career Development at Monash University as a Careers Education Consultant.


Working a Conference with Confidence (ways to increase your confidence when presenting and networking at conferences)

- Led by Nathalie Dalton-King, URSS

This workshop will give you some practical tips on how to overcome your nerves and deliver presentations with ease and confidence as well as helping you maximise networking opportunities and learn strategies to make the most of new contacts. You’ll develop your confidence and communication skills, and practise them in a relaxed environment.

Dr Nathalie Dalton-King is a Co-ordinator for the URSS: Warwick Undergraduate Research Scholarship Scheme. Nathalie knows first-hand the importance of transferrable skills both during a research project (she completed her PhD in 2008) and for future employment. She tutors student workshops on various topics, helping them maximise their skills.