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Spoken Sessions 1a-1d (at Monash only)

Session A

Affordability of a healthy diet in Victoria
Bethany Whitcher, Larissa Telfer, Wen Liu, Popsy Chan, Nutrition and Dietetics, Clayton, Monash University

Session B

Outcomes of patients admitted to intensive care after cardiac arrest
Saada Malouf, Medicine, Clayton, Monash University

Trends in Incidence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Perth, Western Australia, 1996-2010
Stephanie Di Palma, Biomedical Science, Clayton, Monash University

Acute Myocardial Infraction Research
Fiona Pavan, Medicine, Clayton, Monash University

Session C

Pre-Revolutionary cross-dressing in late 18th-century France: Beaumarchais' Le Mariage de Figaro
Clare Siviter, French Studies, University of Warwick

‘Where there are many women there are many witches’: The Social and Intellectual Understanding of Femininity in the Malleus Maleficarum (1486)
Jessica O’Leary, Arts Writing Up Fellow, History, Clayton, Monash University

Martin Luther and Erasmus of Rotterdam
Hannah Gordon, History, Clayton, Monash University

Session D

Sensitivity of sub-tropic climate systems to tropical surface temperature changes
Nathan Eizenberg, Science, Clayton, Monash University

On The Wake Of Sinusoidal Hills
Peter Firus, Engineering, Clayton, Monash University

Chemical Looping Combustion of Victorian Brown Coal
Ashley Marshall and Marthinus Jacobs, Engineering, Clayton, Monash University