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Spoken Sessions 5a-5c (at Warwick only)

Session A


The Influence Of Westernized Television Soap Operas Like Generations On African Women’s Morals, If It Is A Question Of Modernity Or Essentialised Cultural Identities
Thelma Madamombe, Cultural Identities, Monash University (South Africa)


(Dis)locating the canon in Postcolonial literature: comparative analysis of rewriting of history in Anne Hébert's Premier Jardin and Maryse Condé's Traversée de la Mangrove
Zuzanna Rabikowska, French Studies, University of Warwick


Retweet and Facebook Share: The Usage of Social Media, particularly Facebook and Twitter, in Public Relations Strategies
Melissa Graham-Tsaperas, Arts, Monash University (South Africa)

Session B

The Steady State of Black Hole Accretion Discs
Rebecca Nealon, Life Sciences, Monash University


Woodwind players in Ancient Spartan society
Michael Wrench, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology, University of Warwick

Money, motivation and Managers: The effectiveness of incentive schemes used in the UK tunnelling industry
(Sarah) Saherabanu Chen, Civil Engineering, University of Warwick

Session C


The place and significance of theatre practice within the field of trauma rehabilitation
Mia Lake, Theatre and Performance Studies, University of Warwick

Biomimetic fabrication of porous 3D apatite scaffolds for tissue engineering through the conversion of natural hierarchical structures
Michael Keary, Mechanical Engineering, University of Warwick


Land rental and rural monetisation in Roman Egypt
Nathan Murphy, Ancient History and Classical Archaeology, University of Warwick