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Spoken Sessions 3a-3d

Session A

(At Monash only)

Derrida’s Rabbits: Contemporary Post-Colonial Discourse in Shaun Tan’s The Rabbits
Jack Kenchington-Evans, Arts, Clayton, Monash University

Exploring Extra-Judicial Narratives in Contemporary Australian Jurisprudence
Sean Mulcahy, Law, Clayton, Monash University

Session B

(At Monash and Warwick)


A protestant Self in the New World: Jean de Léry’s Histoire d’un voyage faict en la terre du Brésil, (1578) and questions of sixteenth century identity
Lydia Furse, French, University of Warwick

Investigating the role of ghrelin in parasite induced inappetence in gastrointestinal infections
Rubaiyea Farrukee, Biomedical Science, Clayton, Monash University


Does Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) affect Service Export Sophistication?
[Related Reinvention journal article: ''Does Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Affect Service Export Sophistication?"]
Wenn Cheah, Economics, University of Warwick

Session C

(At Monash only)

Temporal issues in serialised television fandom
Sarah Bell, Arts, Gippsland, Monash University

We are designed to party! The celebration and containment of teenage rebellion in Skins and Misfits
Melanie Ashe, Arts Writing Up Fellow, Film and Television Studies, Clayton, Monash University

The Marketing of English Heritage through Cinema: A Case Study of Alnwick Castle and Chatsworth House
Katie Page, Film and Television Studies, University of Warwick

Session D

(At Monash only)

Indoor Positioning using white LEDs
[Related Reinvention journal article: ''Future Indoor Global Positioning System (GPS) Using White LEDs?"]
Jiun Choong, Engineering, Clayton, Monash University

Mechanical Properties of Cellulose-Filled Membranes Prepared By Solvent Casting
Muhammad Hafiz, Sunway, Engineering, Monash University

Extraction and characterization of NCC from MCC via ultrasonication assisted acid hydrolysis
Muhammad Saad, Engineering, Sunway, Monash University