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Making Sense of Interdisciplinarity


Held on the 27th of November 2013 at The University of Warwick; organised by IATL.

Event background and description

The University of Warwick's refreshed 2015 strategy is committed to the 'provision of interdisciplinary modules'. IATL has worked with students on interdisciplinary projects for a number of years and began offering interdisciplinary modules to undergraduate students in 2012/13. IATL is committed to hosting interdisciplinary modules which not only enhance the experience of current students at Warwick but which in the coming years will, we hope, encourage students to choose to study at Warwick. Interdisciplinary study benefits students by broadening their educational horizons, encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zone, and supporting them in working with students and staff from disciplines other than their own.

'Making Sense of Interdisciplinarity' was introduced by Dr Nick Monk, who manages IATL's work on interdisciplinary modules; Prof. Stuart Croft, the University's new Provost, then gave his thoughts on the future of interdisciplinarity and the link between interdisciplinary research and teaching. Attendees then heard from a panel of interdisciplinary module convenors, and students who have either studied or worked with them, who spoke about the greatest barriers to, and successes of, their modules so far. There was a wide-ranging discussion covering important issues such as how to set an exam for students from a variety of backgrounds, and the difference between multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches, as well as discussion on issues related to providing interdisciplinary modules to students.

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