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FellSwoop Theatre - To Know How You Stand

A collaboration between FellSwoop and the IATL Student Ensemble, Warwick University

FellSwoop, an associate international company of the Bristol Old Vic Theatre, and graduates of Warwick University, start their new project with the IATL Student Ensemble in Spring Term 2014.

This project aims to work with a group of students, recruited from a variety of departments and faculties, interested in collaborative work and interdisciplinary art forms.

We will be looking for individuals wishing to use their academic perspectives to participate in our project and create a unique hub of exchange, discussion and creative activities around the subject of utopia.

Together, we will explore and respond to the socio-political theiries and philosophies of counter-cultural movements and dissidence; question long accepted social constructs, habits and deeply embedded expectations about the way we conduct our lives and the positive and negative implications of an alternative.

The exploration will take place over a six-week period during the Spring Term in the Humanities Studio, culminating in a performance event. Whilst we are looking for students who would have an interest in performing, there are also roles for academic and other creative involvement around this event.

We will be holding a preliminary meeting in the Humanities Studio from 2-6pm on Friday 17 January 2014, where we will begin by discussing the project and its themes, and this will then be followed up with a workshop. Registration for this meeting has now closed. For further information about the project please contact info at fellswooptheatre dot com.

Further information about FellSwoop Theatre can be found at www dot fellswooptheatre dot com