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IATL people update

IATL’s Director, Dr Nicholas Monk, has been appointed on a 0.2 basis to the role of Education Lead, Warwick in California. The University’s website has the following to say about the project: ‘The potential benefits of the University of Warwick in California are enormous. We’ve a real opportunity to scale new heights of excellence for research impact, outputs and income. We can take our exceptional standards of teaching into a fresh context, attracting new high-quality, globally-focused students. We can facilitate international collaboration and employment opportunities that benefit all our staff, students, and alumni.’

IATL’s Principal Teaching Fellow, Dr Jonathan Heron, has been appointed Deputy Director of IATL with immediate effect. The team wish him well in his new role. Jonny will continue to serve as our Director of Graduate Studies.

We are delighted also to announce our founding Senior Associate Fellows: former staff members Matthew Broome, Ria Dunkley and Paul Taylor. And Associate Fellows: alumni Francesca Duncan, Jure Jeric, Viv Joseph, Oliver Turner and Danny Wilding. Our Fellows will act as advisers and advocates for IATL, in addition to attending IATL meetings and events. We very much look forward to working with them.