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IATL team update, January 2017

Bees on a hive

The IATL team is delighted to welcome back our Teaching Fellows Elena Riva, from maternity leave, and Naomi de la Tour, after a period of absence due to an accident. They have both immediately begun teaching on IATL modules: Elena on 'Genetics: Science and Society’, and Naomi on 'Applied Imagination: Theory and Practice'.

We wish our first Early Career Teaching Fellow, Francesca Iezzi, every success in the role of Mathematics Engagement Officer at The University of Edinburgh, which will begin in March. Francesca will remain with us until then to complete work on a number of projects.

Congratulations to our Academic Manager, Caroline Gibson, on the receipt of a long-service award. Caroline will have been working at the university for 11 years in February.

Finally, a warm welcome to Fiona O’Brien, who has recently joined the team on a temporary basis to cover the role of Office Manager alongside Wendy Brown while our usual Office Manager, Amy Clarke, covers the maternity leave of Emma Barker, Managing Editor of Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research & Assistant Manager for ICUR. Emma plans to return to work in the spring.