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Dr Fiona Farnsworth - Student Research Support Officer (Conferences)


Contact Details

Student Research Support Officer (Conferences)

Office: SH2.24, IATL, Senate House


Dr Fiona Farnsworth is the Student Research Support Officer (Conferences) in IATL, having joined the department in 2022. While her role is situated broadly within networks of student research, she works primarily on two flagship projects: the International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) and Reinvention, a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of high quality undergraduate research.

Prior to joining IATL, Fiona completed her PhD in Warwick’s Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies. She has taught across four departments – English, SCAPVC, PAIS, and Computer Science – across subjects as various as world literature, history and textuality, critical race theory, quantitative methodologies, professional and academic development, and poetry in English; and she was proud to win an institution-wide Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence (WATE) for her teaching in 2021/22. Her teaching is informed by both critical pedagogy and student-as-researcher approaches, both of which encourage and facilitate classrooms built on mutual respect, intellectual challenge, and independent criticality.

Fiona’s own research background is in world-literature and narrative form; reproductive labour; world-ecology; and the critical intersections thereof. Her interest in global, gendered systems and matrices of power led to her co-organisation of “Women in World-Literature” – a hybrid international conference which welcomed more than 200 delegates across in-person and online platforms – with Dr Roxanne Douglas (University of Birmingham). Fiona and Roxanne hope to launch a research network from this event to spotlight and support feminist approaches to world-literary study.

Within IATL, Fiona seeks to employ and build on her prior teaching and research experience to support undergraduate researchers in changing landscapes of research, dissemination, and impact.