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Academic Research


Johnson, Nicholas and Heron, Jonathan Experimental Beckett: Contemporary Performance Practices, Cambridge University Press, 2020

Monk, Nicholas; Chillington Rutter, Carol; Neelands, Jonathan; and Heron, Jonathan Open-space Learning: A Study in Transdisciplinary Pedagogy, Bloomsbury Academic, 2011

Book Chapters

Heron, Jonathan 'Queer Studies' in The Oxford Handbook of Samuel Beckett (eds. Mark Nixon, Dirk Van Hulle), Oxford University Press, forthcoming

Heron, Jonathan 'Aquí no estamos en el teatro: Impossible Plays, Queer Ghosts and Haunted Practices' in The Edinburgh Companion to Modernism in Contemporary TheatreLink opens in a new window, (eds. Adrian Curtin, Nicholas Johnson et al.), Edinburgh University Press, 2022

Heron, Jonathan and Kershaw, Baz ‘On PAR: a dialogue about performance-as-research’ in Performance as Research: Knowledge, Methods, Impact, (eds. Annette Arlander, Bruce Barton et al.), Routledge, 2018

Heron, Jonathan ‘Shakespearean Laboratories and Performance-as-Research’ in Shakespeare on the University Stage, (ed. Andrew Hartley), Cambridge University Press, 2015

Heron, Jonathan; Monk, Nicholas; and Prescott, Paul ‘Letting the Dead Come Out to Dance: An Embodied and Spatial Approach to Teaching Early Modern Drama’, in Performing Modern Drama Today (eds. Pascale Aebischer and Kathryn Price), Cambridge University Press, 2012

Special Issues

Heron, Jonathan and Johnson, Nicholas (eds.) 'Beckett and Pedagogy'Link opens in a new window, Journal of Beckett Studies, 29.1, Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Heron, Jonathan and Johnson, Nicholas (eds.) 'The Performance Issue'Link opens in a new window, Journal of Beckett Studies 23.1, Edinburgh University Press, 2014

Journal Articles

Heron, Jonathan and Messias, Nando 'Restriction Gives FreedomLink opens in a new window', Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd'Hui 34, Brill, 2022

Heron, Jonathan '#failbetterLink opens in a new window', Journal of Beckett Studies 30.1, Edinburgh University Press, 2021

Heron, Jonathan and Johnson, Nicholas 'Beckettian Pedagogies: Learning through Samuel Beckett', Journal of Beckett Studies 29.1, Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Heron, Jonathan 'Beckett's Not I, Touretteshero, Battersea Arts Centre, London'. Journal of Beckett Studies 27.2, Edinburgh University Press, 2018

Heron, Jonathan 'End/Lessness'. Contemporary Theatre Review (Interventions) 28.1, 2018

Heron, Jonathan and Johnson, Nicholas ‘Critical Pedagogies and the Theatre Laboratory’, Research in Drama Education, 2017

Heron, Jonathan and Broome, Matthew ‘"There’s the record, closed and final": Rough for Theatre II as Psychiatric Encounter', Journal of Medical Humanities, Springer (USA), 2016

Heron, Jonathan et al. ‘"Beckett on the Wards": Medical Humanities Pedagogy and Compassionate Care’, Medical Humanities, British Medical Journals, 2015

Heron, Jonathan ‘An Interview with Natalie Abrahami’, Journal of Beckett Studies, 2015

Heron, Jonathan and Johnson, Nicholas with Dinçel, Burç Îdem; Quinn, Gavin; Scaife, Sarah Jane; Tyrrell, Aine; 'The Samuel Beckett Laboratory 2013' Journal of Beckett Studies 23.1, 2014

Heron, Jonathan ‘"The Feeling in the Play": An Interview with Ian Rickson’, Journal of Beckett Studies 23.1, 2014

Barry, Elizabeth; Broome, Matthew; and Heron, Jonathan ‘"Not I": Beckett and Psychiatry – Psychiatry in Literature’, British Journal of Psychiatry 204: 239, 2014

Farrer, Nicola J.; Heron, Jonathan; Monk, Nicholas; Lough, Julie Ann; and Sadler, P. J. ‘Chemistry, Performance and Pedagogy’, Chemistry Education, 11.4: 308-313, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010

Research Presentations

'Samuel Beckett, Queer Time and Endlessness', Montclair State University, October 2019 (Paper)

'Queer pedagogy and performance-as-research', VCA Melbourne, March 2019 (Paper)

'Teaching Experimental Failure (TEF)', University of Reading, November 2018 (Keynote)

‘Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’ Learning from Cultural Literacy, Monash Prato, July 2018 (Workshop)

‘Pinter’s Pauses in Performance’ University of Birmingham, April 2018 (Workshop)

‘Transdisciplinary Pedagogy’, ITaLI, University of Queensland, December 2017 (Workshop)

‘Bonding Theatre and Science’, Monash STEM Education Group, November 2017 (Workshop)

‘Affect and Emotion in Medical and Theatre Practice’, Warwick-Monash Alliance, October 2017 (Workshop)

‘End/lessness’, Theatre and Time, Univeristy of Oxford, Sept 2017 (Workshop)

'Performance as Research' Postgraduate Seminar, University of California, Davis, April 2017 (Paper)

‘Voices, Knowledge and Ignorance: Reflections on Experiences of Company’, Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham University, January 2017 (Panel)

‘Undisciplined squads of emotion: Critical Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Pedagogy’, Human Mind Research Programme, Academy of Finland, Helsinki, December 2016 (Keynote)

‘A Tangle of Tatters: Beckett, Methodology and Entanglement’, London Beckett Seminar, School of Advanced Studies, London, December 2015 (Paper)

‘Failing to Teach / Learning to Fail: Beckettian Pedagogies and the Academy’, Beckett International Foundation, University of Reading, October 2015 (Paper)

‘Modernism, Medicine and the Embodied Mind’, New York Psychoanalytic Society and Institute, USA, September 2015 (Panel)

'The Loutishness of Learning': a Roundtable on Teaching Beckett', Trinity College Dublin, August 2015 (Chair)

Online Practice

Digital documentation of sound installations (downloadLink opens in a new window)