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About IATL's Assessment Exhibition Page

History and Development

Assessment Exhibitions have been long-standing in IATL’s teaching and learning practice. As a department which focuses on innovation, student agency, and inclusivity in assessment, we aim to provide the space for our students to explore their interests through alternative, rigorous research formats. We discovered (unsurprisingly) that students thrive when given the freedom to draw on their disciplinary excellence, while simultaneously acting on their curiosities to develop projects on our modules that transcend disciplinary boundaries in innovative and exciting ways.

The IATL Assessment Exhibition was born from the Department’s continued amazement at the assignments that emerge on our modules. In 2018, Dr Elena Riva (now IATL’s Head of Department) began showcasing student work from her module, Genetics: Science and Society (IL023/IL123) – co-creating with her students an annual Assessment Exhibition day at the Library to celebrate and showcase their work beyond the four walls of the classroom. She also co-created two online exhibitions, which have been 'visited' by thousand of people trough the years.

Building on this idea, Dr Heather Meyer and four (former) UG students: Holly Warner, Chelsea Tang-Chow, Abi Booth and Samara Roach-Keiler received IATL Project funding in 2020 to co-create a rolling, online Assessment Exhibition space that could showcase the diverse, high-quality interdisciplinary work students create on IATL modules. Significantly, as a co-creation project, this Assessment Exhibition has been developed through student leadership to not only showcase innovative approaches to assessment on IATL modules in a welcoming and positive manner, but importantly, to encourage continued research development beyond the respective module through which the work was originally initiated. As you will see from the Exhibition, students have indeed continued to develop their work beyond the parameters of the module’s assessment programme.

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'The Pandemic and Eudaimonism' - Nimita Kodam


The aims of IATL’s Assessment Exhibition space are as follows:

· To showcase student work from IATL modules - regardless of mark achieved – to emphasise that research projects can (and should) have a life outside of the assessment programme on a module in a valued and meaningful way.

· To illuminate how IATL students interpret, develop and create interdisciplinary work on IATL modules that demonstrates high quality, academic rigour through both traditional and alternative research formats.

· To highlight how IATL facilitates its commitment to its Core Activities of Learning Beyond Disciplines, Student Research and Research-Infused Curriculum. IATL's Foundational Principles underpin the overarching conceptualisation of the exhibition.

Thank you

The project has passed through many hands in its development, and IATL would like to extend a very large ‘thank you’ to all of the important voices, skills and support that have gone into this project. In particular, we would like to thank: Holly Warner, Chelsea Tang-Chow, Abi Booth, Samara Roach-Keiler, Sára Lovecká, Matthew Wale, Bendik Anderson, Ranjitha Vigneswaran, Janice Koistenen-Harris, Michelle Leeming and IATL Module Convenors for their invaluable contributions.

'Holistic Education' - Maddie White