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Siblings unite over faulty DNA

Lindo Nyathi

About the project

‘Saviour siblings was one particular aspect of the module which was touched on but didn’t deepen the analysis. Out of interest, I decided to explore it further.’

‘I chose to present my work in the form of an art piece because I believe that in order to capture the public’s attention, visual display is powerful and allows the viewer to reach their own conclusions as they try to engage with the message being conveyed.’

‘Saviour siblings is apparently a topic that is not well spoken about. I have attempted to demystify the ethical concerns raised by investigating the matter using different platforms to reach a middle ground. In general, the arguments around saviour siblings are based in three issues: the notion of creating a saviour sibling, slippery slope argument which implies that saviour siblings will lead to the creation of ‘designer babies’ and lastly, child welfare.’

‘At the start of my research, I was leaning towards being against saviour siblings. However, when reflecting back to how I feel now, I am neutral. This is the very reason why I chose to tackle this issue by considering different opinions. I learned that with additional information I was able to consider the ‘for’ side and simultaneously develop empathy for both sides (for/against).’