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Dr Catherine Hanley - Academic Manager (job-share)

Catherine Hanley

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Catherine gained her PhD in medieval warfare and its portrayal in vernacular literature at the University of Sheffield in 2001. She subsequently worked as a postdoctoral research associate on the AHRB-funded Partonopeus de Blois project at Sheffield, before moving to the University of Warwick to take up an administrative post in the Academic Office. She worked for five years as the Academic Manager of the Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research, before job-sharing the post of Academic Manager of IATL. In conjunction with Caroline Gibson, Catherine organised the governance of IATL, worked to ensure that all of the fellowships and projects ran smoothly, and kept an eye on the finances. She attempted to suppress the urge to go away and research battleaxes some more.

Catherine also enjoys working with the written word. She is the former copy-editor and proofreader of Reinvention: an International Journal of Undergraduate Research, a full member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, a published novelist and a former cricket writer.