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Danny Wilding - Research Associate (Student Engagement), 2010-2011

Danny WildingDanny worked with The Reinvention Centre for Undergraduate Research (a predecessor to IATL) since the second year of his undergraduate degree in Sociology and Social Policy and while studying for his MA in Social Research, both at Warwick. As a Student Representative for the Centre he sat on the national Student Learning and Teaching Network committee, helping to organise events and speaking at conferences around the issue of student engagement in higher education and especially on the need for students to be engaged in the processes of teaching and learning as collaborators and not consumers.

Danny worked as a research associate on projects such as 'Reinventing Spaces' with other members of the Centre, investigating the relationship between space, curriculum and pedagogy. He also worked on a joint collaborative research project between The University of Warwick and King's College London, investigating the development of particular graduate capabilities in research intensive higher education institutions. Most recently Danny led a research project investigating the unique curriculum and teaching practices of the RSA Tipton Academy School. In addition to his role as Research Associate, Danny was also responsible for student engagement, giving him responsibility for the development, evaluation and dissemination of a student engagement model for IATL. In this capacity he published an article with Dr Paul Taylor on student engagement and undergraduate research and also co-authored a chapter on student engagement with Dr Taylor and other members of the IATL team.