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Adam Briggs

Job Title
Associate Clinical Professor
WMS - Population Evidence and Technologies
Research Interests

I am interested in using mixed methods to understand how health and public health policy influences population health. Current work aims to learn more about how health and care system policies - such as integrated care reforms - affect the health and wellbeing of local populations. I am doing this as part of the ARC West Midlands. I am also interest in public health policy, and am currently a co-investigator on the NIHR funded evaluation of the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL). Other research interests include public health economics, non-communicable disease modelling, diet and nutrition, and environmental sustainability.


I did a natural sciences degree before training in medicine and specialising in public health. I have an MSc in Global Health Sciences and my DPhil is in public health economics, comparing the cost-effectiveness of interventions affecting population diets and levels of physical activity. I also spent a year at The Dartmouth Institute in the US as a Harkness Fellow, investigating how US accountable care organisations address patients' preventive care needs. I am an honorary Consultant in Public Health and in addition to my role at Warwick, I spend two days a week seconded to The Health Foundation as a Senior Policy Fellow where I lead work on integrated care and population health.

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