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Social Studies away day - 4th June

Cross-Departmental Seminar on Security - Programme and Readings


Wednesday 4th June, 10am – 2pm, Social Studies, Room s1.14

This session is intended very much as a bottom up approach to seeing how we address issues from our different disciplines and whether we have some common ground that might be fruitful to pursue collaboratively.

 Session 1: Security, Terrorism & Human Rights.

  •  Gearty, C. (2005). "11 September 2001, Counter-terrorism, and the Human Rights Act." Journal of Law and Society 32(1): 18-33.
  •  Sardar, S. and Rehman, J (2005). "The Concept of Jihad In Islamic International Law." Journal of Conflict & Security Law, 1 of 23.


 Session 2: Led by PAIS
  •  Globalisation and Gendered (IN)Securities (Unpublished workshop proposal).
  •  Hansen, L. (2007). "The Clash of Cartoons? The Clash of Civilizations? Visual Securitization and the Danish 2006 Cartoon Crisis", presented at the 48th annual ISA conference, Chicago, Illinois, February 28-March 3, 2007.
  • Changing Concepts of Security, Risk and War, Danish Institute for International Studies working paper 2007/17.


 Lunch and close.


Jackie Hodgson (Law)

Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor (WBS)