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Vist from the Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS)

Programme of activities:


monday 22 September- Radcliffe House (Lecture room 11)

9.30- 10.15


Scoping collaboration and conferences

(RSIS group, Stuart Croft, Nikki Muckle, Katherine Branch, Mavis Ow)  
10.15- 10.30  Coffee
10.30- 12.30


Issue area 1: Non traditional security.

RSIS Group, Mavis Ow

Warwick discussants: Matt McDonald, Chris Browning, Liz Dowler (in absentia)   

12.30-14.00  Lunch-  Radcliffe House restaurant
14.00- 15.30


Issue area 2: Homeland security, resilience and 'radicalisation' 

Warwick discussants: Stuart Croft, Jackie Hodgson, Bridgette Sullivan-Taylor, Andrew Hoskins (in absentia)    

15.30- 16.00  Coffee
16.00- 17.00


Double MA Programme Meeting: RSIS Group with the Dean of the University Graduate School, Professor Lee Bridges, with Chris Hughes, Matt McDonald, Geraldine Raison, Mavis Ow 
17.00  Close
19.00- 22.30

Formal dinner at The Cross in Kenilworth, hosted by Professor Higgott, with Professor Bridges.  





























Tuesday 23 September- Radcliffe House (Lecture room 11)

9.30- 10.30


Detailed discussion on MA programme, with Politics colleagues

RSIS Group, Mavis Ow

Warwick discussants: Stuart Croft, Ben Rosamond, Chris Hughes, Matt McDonald, Geraldine Raison 
10.30- 10.45 Coffee 
10.45- 12.30


Issue area 3: Trade and international political economy, and the role of the US under a new administration 

RSIS Group, Mavis Ow

Warwick discussants: Chris Hughes, Trevor McCrisken, Mat Watson, James Brassett, Shaun Breslin

12.30- 14.00  

Lunch- Radcliffe House restaurant



Discussion on next steps: RSIS Group, Stuart Croft, Mavis Ow, Caroline Gibson, Nikki Muckle, Katherine Branch
15.30  Departure of RSIS Group


Dinner with RSIS, 22 September 2008  


rsis dinner1 dinner2 dinner3






Bio's of RSIS group:

RSIS(Word Document)

Dr Mely Caballero-Anthony, (Word Document) Coordinator, Non-Traditional Security Programme (NTS) and Secretary-General, Consortium of Non-Traditional Security Studies in Asia (NTS-Asia)

Dr Debbie Elms (Word Document) Head, Temasek Foundation Centre for Negotiations and Deputy Head, Graduate Studies  

Dr Ralf Emmers(Word Document) Head, Graduate Studies 

Prof Ron Matthews(Word Document), Professor and Deputy Director of IDSS

Dr Kumar Ramakrishna(Word Document) Head, Centre of Excellence for National Security