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Resilience and Robustness of Complex Adaptive Systems

The mechanisms underpinning the resilience and robustness of complex adaptive systems are predicated on dynamic network processes. There is a very strong body of established theory in the biological and physical sciences that allows us to understand the structural and dynamic properties of networks that enable systemic resilience and robustness. There is also a well-established body of work in mathematics and physics, computer science and engineering for modeling and predicting possible behaviours of complex adaptive system.

Proposed activity:
We propose to hold three workshops. The first will be an intimate one, bringing together colleagues from the complexity science domain. The purpose of the workshop would be to develop a coherent perspective based on the science of complex adaptive systems (primarily drawing on Maths, Physics, Biological Sciences & Molecular Biology, HRI and Engineering) to identify the concepts and methods (particularly with regard to modelling) that it would be useful to explore and exploit for the Security Initiative. The second workshop will be a larger event to bring together the complexity science and social studies communities and the final event would have a "policy implications" flavour with one or two external participants.
Academics involved- Yasmin Merali (WBS), academics from the Complexity Science Complex