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Tony Campbell - Institute of Advanced Study Visiting Fellow; May 2008

Tony Cambell visted Warwick as an Institute of Advanced Study Visiting Fellow in the first two weeks of May 2008. Tony had a distinguished career in diplomatic and public service, and he was an internationally recognized authority on regulatory policy and regulatory reform before becoming responsible, as Executive Director, for foreign intelligence analysis at Canada’s cabinet office. He has also held visiting academic appointments at Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and Toronto Universities, and was President of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies. He continues to act as an independent consultant on intelligence matters and to teach in several universities, and he runs the Practice and Organization of Intelligence group for the Global Futures Forum. His visit was hosted by Chris Grey of Warwick Business School and co-hosted by Andrew Sturdy (WBS) and Richard Aldrich (PAIS)

Tony’s visit was very much part of the developing security initiative at Warwick. He is unusually placed as someone who has been a senior member of the intelligence community but who also has extensive experience in academic institutions. During his visit he met a number of Warwick faculty and students - from Law, Politics, History, Business and Sociology - with interests in security and intelligence matters on an individual basis. He also gave a public lecture on the post-9/11 relationship between intelligence and the media. Tony participated in a one day workshop organized by Richard Aldrich, and also supported by the Institute of Advanced Study, on management and leadership challenges for the intelligence community. He presented a Canadian perspective on these issues. Through his participation, the event was co-funded by the Global Futures Forum, a number of whose members attended.