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Tony Bunyan

11:13, Wed 28 May 2008

IAS Seminar 2 20/2/2008 The effect of the war on terrorism on civil liberties in the European Union. This talk will examine the nature of the terrorist threat posed after 11 September 2001, considering the claims that demands for security have been balanced by respect for rights and civil liberties and that this terrorism threatens to destroy "our way life" - by asking whose way of life? I will contend that there are at least two world views on what has happened and that the threat to "our way of life" comes more from the reactions of EU governments to the threat of terrorism than from this form of terrorism itself. These contentions will be examined with reference to the measures taken to tackle terrorism, the targeting and surveillance of migrant communities, the surveillance society and the policing state. The response to terrorism will be situated in the role of the emerging state and political culture in the EU.

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