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Naomi Norberg

11:09, Wed 28 May 2008

IAS Seminar 2 20/2/2008 Combating terrorism or excluding foreigners? The Europe Union began tightening immigration controls well before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States: as the Schengen acquis made it easier to move about within the Union, the moat around “fortress Europe” grew deeper and wider as the 1990s wore on. But those attacks, and subsequent ones in Europe, catalyzed the passage of stricter immigration laws that, in many cases, implement harsh asylum policies as well. In an attempt to keep their citizens safe from terrorists, states are barring the door to foreigners and making it easier to deport those who’ve already made it inside. Antiterrorist measures are thus taking on an antiforeigner tinge that conflicts with states’ obligations under international human rights treaties and the Refugee Convention of 1951.

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