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XMaS featured in Philosophical Transactions A

Want to learn about 'XMaS @ the ESRF'? How the project started 25 years ago, the science being done there and how the beamline will evolve with the ESRF-EBS source? This article was part of the UKSR50 celebration.

XMaS featured in Philosophical Transactions A

Link for UKSR50:

Tue 30 Apr 2019, 15:39 | Tags: publications, xmas BL, outreach

XMaS featured in SciVPro

All you need to know about back-contact photovoltaic!

A 32 min video interview of Prof. Sir Richard Friend et al. (University of Cambridge) published in Scientific Video Protocols (SciVPro)*. The data discussed during Dr Abdi-Jalebi and Alsari’s interview (12-18’) were collected on XMaS.

* SciVpro is the first full open-access peer-reviewed video journal.


Prof. Sir Richard Friend (left) - Dr Abdi-Jalebi and Alsari (right)

Thu 25 Apr 2019, 11:56 | Tags: xmas BL, outreach

Beamline upgrade -28/03/2019

The modification of the lead panel to accommodate the new beam position with the new EBS source will start soon. Our new x-ray beam will move ~17 cm towards the wall (to the left). Also time also to clear up and upgrade our control electronics! Bye bye DPAPs! 30 years of ESRF electronics going to the skip…

before After
BEFORE removing S4 slits vessel AFTER removing S4 slits vessel
cable jungle Old DPAPs
Beamline jungle of cables… Old DPAPs after 20 years of service….
Thu 28 Mar 2019, 10:10 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF News

Beamline upgrade - 21/03/2019

D-day for departure. Bon voyage to Huber Diffraktionstechnik and see you back next year!

Photo 1 Image 2
Thu 21 Mar 2019, 14:04 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF News

Beamline upgrade - 20/03/2019

First day of Spring and also last day at ESRF for our diffractometer. It was taken apart for safe transport back to Huber Diffraktionstechnik GmbH, Germany. Will be back next year, bigger and shinier!

Photo 1 Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Thu 21 Mar 2019, 11:52 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF News

XMaS V has launched

£7million funding from EPSRC to grant the UK National Research Facility at the ESRF.

Press releases:


Thu 28 Feb 2019, 13:43 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF Highlights, ESRF News, ESRF Spotlight

2018 XMaS Newsletter is out!


You can download it here

Thu 28 Feb 2019, 13:40 | Tags: publications, xmas BL, newsletter, outreach

ESRF EBS shutdown (update)

After around 30 years of service, our bending magnet BM28 was extracted on February 11th before being taken apart for recycling. It will be replaced by a much smaller magnet (Short Bend) in June 2020.


Long bending magnet

BM28 from the machine side! In the old days, it was called D28. The x-rays used to travel down the tube on the left hand side. The big blue thing is our long bending magnet
Thu 28 Feb 2019, 12:06 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF Highlights, ESRF News, ESRF Spotlight

ESRF EBS shutdown has started

The ESRF EBS shutdown started on 10th December 2018 and will last 20 months to dismantle the old ring, remount the new one and test it. The new BM28 magnet (the short bend) will be install in June 2020. The XMaS users should be able to use the beamline in the autumn.

In the meantime, see a panoramic view of the new control cabin: the offline x-ray source lab (blue door) and small windows looking inside the synchrotron x-ray experimental hutch to the right.


New Control Cabin

Thu 28 Feb 2019, 11:57 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF Highlights, ESRF News, ESRF Spotlight

XMaS Scientist Experience - deadline extension

Calling all Year 12 Female Physics Students!

Please send us your entry for this year's competition. The deadline has now been extended to Friday 8th March. All information and an entry form can be found


Mon 25 Feb 2019, 13:34 | Tags: XMaS Scientist Experience, outreach

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