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Beamline upgrade (over summer 2019)

Time to move the 16 m of lead tubes between the Optics Hutch and the Experimental Hutch! How did we do this? With car transmission jacks, hey! The tubes moved between 12 cm at one end and up to 17cm at the other end... Now awaiting the lead walls to be modified to install the last 2 tubes at each end.

img1 img2
Almost finished moving the last tube in the right place... Job done! The tubes a hell of a long way!
In the meantime, we used our painting skills to refresh the floor of the Optics Hutch to give it a younger look after 20 years of good service! Next: drill the holes to move the equipment to its new position...
img3 img4
Before taking out the slits and the toroidal mirror. Only the monochromator vessel left in the hutch... After: freshly painted floor.
img5 Progress also on the Front End side. The adaptation chamber and the first valve were mounted. We cannot see the inside of the tunnel anymore! The machine is now baking that first section. Funny smell in the ring...
Tue 10 Sep 2019, 13:31 | Tags: xmas BL, ESRF News