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esaProject: A prelude to data fusion for X-ray and other spectroscopies

EVA Surface Analysis, in collaboration with the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Ghent University, has been developing a software suite to handle data sets from binary pseudo-TIFF structure found on CCD and pixel cameras to chaotic ad-hoc text formats like SPEC log files. The program, written in Microsoft Visual Studio languages and running on Windows XP, enables data sets from XRD, XAS or XEOL to be processed. Specifically the esaProject facilitates:
  • reading all raw formats;
  • extracts patterns from diffractograms (especially when the detector is not on the beam axis);
  • provides instantaneous comparisons (e.g. with references);
  • manages and compares different data types (diffraction, absorption, ... SIMS!);
  • pre-processes data for other packages (e.g. IFEFFIT);
  • extracts trends;
  • removes backgrounds;
  • heals damaged data sets;
  • mathematically manipulates images, patterns and spectra;
  • intensively batch processes images, patterns and spectra.

The program is supported and continually developed by Prof. Mark Dowsett using privately owned facilities and is kindly provided for use to the wider XMaS community. More information can be gleaned from the poster and if you require more details, please contact Prof. Dowsett directly.

Future releases and updates include:

  • a new 64-bit version of the code with enhanced graphics;
  • a complete user manua.;