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Accessing the APS during the ESRF shutdown

During the ESRF EBS shutdown (up to Sept 2020), we encourage users to consider submitting applications usually considered for XMaS to either sector 4 and/or sector 6 of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). We have a strong collaboration, developed over twenty years, with the magnetic materials group and there several synergies and overlaps with our capabilities on XMaS. On this basis, we have some T&S resources within the current grant to support successful applications and collaborations at the APS.

Applications should be made through the general users program (GUP) which will then be peer reviewed by the APS panels:

The next deadline for applications is March 1st 2019, with deadlines following in July and October 2019. Further details on the GUP process can be found here.

Users are, of course, encouraged to apply to other facilities during the ESRF shutdown where T&S is already provided.

Funding and Eligibility

As for XMaS beamtime, we will support up to 3 users with economy class travel to Chicago. Users are expected to stay at the APS guesthouse (with breakfast included). A further $40 will be provided to cover lunch and dinner. To be eligible for funding, proposals must have a clear UK lead. Publications arising from these experiments should acknowledge EPSRC as well as XMaS and be included in the XMaS publication record.

Users are requested to send the GUP proposal number and PDF to Laurence Bouchenoire as well as notifying Daniel Haskel at the APS of the GUP number and highlighting the XMaS link.


Bespoke XMaS equipment can be shipped to the APS for successful beamtime, but this may take some time to arrange. Please ensure that any equipment requirements are discussed with both the XMaS and APS beamline teams at the earliest possible opportunity.