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Facility Performance

The UK materials science beamline at the ESRF is one of National Research Facilities. It is managed by the Universities of Liverpool and Warwick
under a service contract with EPSRC. The Key Performance indicators and service level agreement can be found here.

The current Scientific Portfolio of experiments performed on the XMaS facility is summarised below:


Facility performance as determined by our users for up to Quarter 37. Scores are out of 5, with 5 being excellent:


Additional key performance indicators and other statistics are shown in the following sections.

Key Performance Indicators for Quarter 37:


Number of complaints received: 0

Performance Indicators for the beamline since 2001

Cumulative information for the beam time funded by EPSRC is shown below. Statistics from ESRF public beam time slots and commissioning is not included.


If you have any feedback about the performance of XMaS or wish to register a complaint, please get in touch at the earliest opportunity. Details of our complaints and dispute procedure can be found here.

ukri If you wish to provide feedback on XMaS or any of the other national research facilities directly to EPSRC, please email.